Akashic Record Clearing Sessions:

Akashic Records - Soul Clearing

Akashic Records: This is an Initiation Process to
the Fifth & Sixth Dimensions, and The New Heaven and The New Earth. <Isiah 65:17 & Revelation 21:1>

The Akashic Records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life. It is the Record of your Soul from inception to the present with your potential. In these classes you will receive your own Prayers to Access The Records.

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of Creation. These records connect each one of us to one another.

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All Sessions by Phone or in Person

Sample of Sessions Below...

Evolve Your Soul Quickly and
Watch Your Life Move Forward.

Session I Soul Profile and Shields of Light. Soul Origination and Purpose.Archangel Realm and Training. Soul Clearing Level I. Property Clearing Level I.

Session 2 Blueprint Clear/Repattern Level I. Lightbody God Sparks Activation. Implant, Imprint, Illusion Release. Soul Clearing Level II. Property Clearing Level Il.

Session 3 Disconnect Disrupter Beam and Cord. Reinstate 3 Matrixes. Subtle Body Repatterning. Generational Miasm Release. Receive White & Blue Lights. Additional Shielding.

Session 4 Remove Cyclic Patterns of Obsessive, Compulsive, Addictive Behavior. Clear Galactic War Program. Break all Contracts, Vows, Agreements and Renegotiate. Repattern DNA Strand #1.

Session 5 Melchizedek Priesthood Blessing. Endocrine System Clearing. Seven Chakra Repatterning. Repattern DNA Strand #2. Soul Retrieval.

Session 6 Golden Creator Filtering Device, and Veils of Invisibility. Attune to Eighth Archangel Realm. Repattern Chakras 8 -12. Clear Parallels in Chaos. Repattern DNA Strand #3.

Session 7 Blueprint Repatterning Level II. "Great White Brotherhood Merkabah Initiation". Repattern Chakras 13 - 17. Repattern DNA Strand #4.

Session 8 Shamanic Journey-Retrieve Power Animals. Connect with Goddess of Eden. Journey to Planet of Origin; and Clear Soul Group Limitations. Repattern Soul Group Blueprint. Repattern DNA Strand #5.

Session 9 Repattern your Temple of Love. Repattern DNA Strand #6.

10 Repattern your Temple of Light. Repattern DNA Strand #7.

Session I I
Repattern your Temple of Truth. Repattern DNA Strand #8.

12 Repattern your Temple of Power. Repattern DNA Strand #9

Session 13 Repattern your Temple of Abundance. Repattern DNA Strand #10

Session 14
Repattern your Temple of Divine Male / Female. Repattern DNA Strand #11.

15 Repattern your Temple of Divine Union. Repattern DNA Strand #12.

16 Repattern your Temple of Creation, Transformation, and Renewal. Advanced DNA Repatterning.

Session 17 Mission Child Clearing. Mission Repatterning. Clear Blocks to 7 Archangel Realms.

Session 18 Eight Energy Impulses - 991 - 998. Meet Your High Self; and Merge with Higher Parallels .

Session 19
Repattern 3 First and 5 Second Dimension Chakras Below the Feet. Manifest /Create a Money Magnet.

Session 20
Receive New Codes and New Guides From The Earth Realm of Divine Creation and The Earth Realm of Divine Mission. Realign with The New Divine Plan.

Picture and birthdate will be required.

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