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Fourth Level Degree in Soul Genesis of Sedona, AZ.
Facilitator of Clearing and Release Work Since 1973.
Lifetime Interpreter of The Akashic Records.
Minister Universal Life Church.
Graduate of Silva Method.
Native American Personal Pipe Carrier.
Massage Therapist.
Sufi Initiate.
Huna Healing Technician.
Dowsing Instructor.
Member of First GA Dowsers.
Usui Reiki Master.
Certified Hypnotherapist.

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In addition to the list of credentials above:

  • Worked as a clairvoyant in Underground Atlanta during the Olympics and Para Olympics in 1996.

  • Took a course called "ESP and Modern Man" at Kennesaw Jr. College in 1973.

  • Studied at The Foundation of Truth, The Atlanta Institute of Metaphysics and at The Aquarian Spa (where she trained to work with the elemental forces). (1973-1989)

  • Studied at The Theosophical Society and was confirmed in the associated Liberal Catholic Church. (1973-1989)

  • Practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu at The Frances Fong Academy in the 80's. This style works to balance the Yin-Yang.

  • Learned the Biometric Balancing System taught by Gayle Burnham of Carmel Ca. in the 80's. Gayle was a student and a teacher at the Biometric Research Center in Beverly Hills, CA. This system was created by Dr. Brunler, a German scientist who used The DeBovia Biometer in his work.

  • Studied Akashic Record Soul Clearing with five different teachers of the same lineage from 1995-2001. Seven of those courses were through Soul Genesis of Sedona, AZ. 1997-2000.

  • Her first pursuit in Clearing and Release Work was with Aloa Starr from Sedona, AZ. 1973-1990. Aloa is an author and teacher and wrote "Prisoners of Earth", available through the Sedona Journal ISBN 0-929385-37-3. This book is highly recommended.

  • April studied Channeling under Elmarilla Bailey, and Radionics under various teachers.

  • April has practiced Spirit Releasement and Exorcisms for over thirty years.

"Real" World:

  • Ga. Real Estate License.
  • Paralegal Certificate.
  • 2 years Kennesaw Junior College.
  • 2 years University of Georgia.
  • Worked in a Family Business most of her life.
  • Honors the Healing of the Family above all else.

April's family's business was four businesses in one.

1. Marietta Hardware

2. The Carriage House (Antiques, Giftware, and Arts and Crafts)

3. Sellars' Collection/Art Gallery (the world's largest American Women's Art Collection, as well as, the world's largest Antique Tool Collection displayed.)

4. The Frame Shop


"Catinou Knitting "

By: Anna Elizabeth Klumpke
Oil on canvas, 1887
Art By American Women



The American Women Art has been shown in Museums across the Country and now resides at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Alabama. Other paintings were donated to Kennesaw University in Kennesaw, GA. and Brenau College in Gainesville, GA. The Antique Tool Collection was donated to Reinhardt College in Waleska, GA. In addition several panels of antique tools were donated to Southern Tech in Marietta, GA.

April's personal art teacher was the famous Lee Garner who is survived by his daughter, Sarah Garner, also a great artist. Lee Garner's favorite paintings are of "The Little General" from the Civil War. One of these paintings is part of our family's Garner Collection.

To See the American Women's Art Collection:

Art by American Women

To see the Sellars' Tool Collection:

Reinhardt College Website


Dedicated To My Children and Grandchildren:


If I were granted any wish, I'll tell you what I'd do ...

I'd wish my kids were small again,

for just a month or two;

To hear their squeals of laughter,

to watch them while they play,

And when they asked me to join in,

I'd NOT say, "Not Today."

To hug again their chubby frame, to kiss away their tears,

And cherished childhood innocence

that's washed away the years;

Then when it's story time again, I'd stay a little longer;

To answer questions, sing the songs,

so memories would be stronger.

But time is callous, wishes, myths,

yet God in His great wisdom,

Has given me another chance before I join His Kingdom;

The face may not be just the same,

the name is changed, 'tis true,

But yet the smile that radiates, reminds me so of you.

God must have known that Grandma

would need a chance or two,

For many little happy things she hadn't time to do;

So God gave love to Grandmas to equal that before,

-That, in effect, embraces those little lives she bore.

... Author Unknown

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