Other Services
(All of which are part of the Ascension Process)

"My services are aligned with who I am.
My endeavors are directed by my higherself
to benefit all life."
- April

Sessions by phone or in person.


"The Alchemy of Manifesting Thru CO-Creation".

Apply this New Technique (from Spirit) to manifest: Prosperity, Abundance, Health, Relationships, and Purpose in Life.

Workbook included and sessions by phone.

Pendulum Dowsing:

Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing is designed as a learning tool . This tool is utilized to assist in connecting the individual to their Guides, the Dowsing team, Ascension team and other guiding groups which includes Angelic Realms.

This is a prerequisite for release and clearing work.

This course includes: A booklet by Walt Woods, chart and guidance.

Biometric Balancing Program:
(As Taught by Dr. Brunler, a German Scientist.)

The more balanced the Personality, the more power it expresses.

The more successful we are, the more we have mastered the three-dimensional plane of the world. We can attain greater experiences for the Soul, and enable It to develop upwards and forwards.

This Course includes: A booklet, measurements, symbols and guidance.


Reclaim the power of your archetypes by reclaiming, realigning, and recharging these energy patterns in your soul. Re-integrate the essences of self from all over the Universe.

(Phone Sessions Offered)

Ascension Process:

As a facilitator of the Brotherhood of Light; I have been guided and initiated to offer this activation.

The Light body will be brought down, the DNA re-connected, and the Star-Heart will be formed.

(Distant Attunements offered)


Personal Pipe Carrier/Ceremonies:

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Journeys

Power Animals

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Reiki Attunements:

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Akashic Records / Soul Clearing:

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"Holy Spirit"
Class for Ministers of the "Age of Light"

Be Anointed by the Holy Spirit healing energy; learn about the 9 gifts of the Holy spirit; practice discernment of Spirits.

"The Holy Spirit"
by April Myrick
(as appeared in the "AQUARIUS" in July 2002)

There is a being or energy that comes from The Source of All, and it is called: the Fire of the Breath of God, the Holy Breath, the Divine Feminine Energy, or the Holy Spirit. This energy is associated with the Christ consciousness.

The next phase of ascension for the lightworkers is to go into this energy and be anointed by it, in order to go forward with the Divine Plan.

Some parts of humanity have brought through many beautiful love and healing rays like the Reiki ray. Now it is time to reach higher and tap the Source ray, receive it and receive the Gifts of the Spirit.

How is this done? There are testimonies on several ways to make contact with this holy ray. One of those ways is to be in the presence of someone who is Anointed. Another is to be touched through the laying-on-of-hands by an Anointed One. The Anointing can be received in stages, or all at once; just as a healing can. An Anointed voice may bring through this Spirit of God, like the voice of the young man who sang at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Teaching and speaking of the Holy Spirit can bring it's presence. Some testify that prayer, glorification, praise, and love directed to the Creator of All is what brings this Breath of God. Also, reading the Word by way of the Spirit is said to be powerful.

One might receive the Spirit with this old Catholic prayer: "Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and rekindle in us the Fire of Your Love". Groups who gather to call upon the Holy Spirit and who are of one heart and one mind, can attract this Great Spirit in a way that can result in miracles. Singing praises in groups, to God, to Jesus, and to the Holy Spirit can facilitate healing on many levels.

There is a theory that Mother God (the Holy Breath) is in all of creation, and the Father is at the Center of All calling the Mother and Children Home. This theory states that we are doing the same thing with all aspects of ourselves. We are calling them home, while we hold still in our center. This process is not a lone process; assisting other souls who are ultimately part of the whole is how it all works.

There is a spiritual path of enlightenment and a path of love and devotion; now is the time to merge the two paths of mind and heart. To do this will bring us closer to Truth, Oneness, and to Spirit.

Service in this stage of ascension will be by "Way of the Holy Spirit", with the gifts of healing, prophecy, and discernment of spirits and more. This level of anointing and service will happen when the "little will" is turned over to the "Divine Will". The Calling to receive this anointing can come when Creator wants to bring into manifestation, certain aspect of the Divine Plan. Getting ready to receive the spirit is the job of the disciple; being gifted with the Anointing is determined by the Creator.

The Holy Spirit will reside in our bodies and souls, so they must be pure, clean, and clear to receive and hold the Spirit or Teacher. We can ask for help from the higher guides, masters, and angels to clear and heal.

We spend our lifetimes and between lives looking into our souls and our soul's records to find our mistakes and wounds in order to correct and heal them. We go into each life to learn our chosen life lessons, to work our karma, and to serve. At this time on the planet, we can clear much of our karma by the Law of Grace. We can cancel contracts that do not work, break old vows and agreements, and remove interference. Our life lessons must be learned however.

Once the Holy Spirit lives in our body and soul, the Divine Plan can be activated within us quickly. We will raise consciousness, move further into unconditional love, and heal our bodies, chakras, and energy fields in all dimensions and in all lifetimes throughout the Universe.

What the lightworkers have been working so hard to do, will be done by the Holy Spirit almost instantaneously. What does the Holy Spirit feel like? It feels like nothing else in this world. It feels like the presence of "Glory", pure love, gold fire, joy, freedom, and at-one-ment. It grounds, inspires, and gives us real heavenly power.

Our cities are filled with violence and pain. It is time to the lightworkers for bring "the Glory", the Fire of the Breath of God… the Holy Spirit down in the cities to heal our world NOW!

Love and Light,

Rev. April Myrick, R.M.


"Dear Bravehearts",
"It is time to move forward to the front lines, face your enemies, and win
your battles. You are the Warriors of Light awakening to reclaim your
world; you stand on Sacred Ground." -The Heavenly Host

These three famous quotes will inspire you.
1. "Only the Brave are alive." -from the movie Braveheart.
2. "The Brave are simply those with the clearest Vision of the coming Glory
and Danger and who go out to meet Them." -from the movie Kate and Leopold.
3. "This is the land of the free and the home of the Brave." -The
Star-Spangled Banner.

I recommend 2 special books that will help you move Bravely into the Light.
These works were introduced to me in 1973 and 1983 respectively. Since
1993, I have applied their teachings in order to survive. Now, in 2003, I
pass on this help, tried and true, to you.
I was required to read for a metaphysical course in 1973, "The Aquarian
Gospel of Jesus The Christ", The Life and Initiations of Jesus, by Levi.
The paperback was printed in 1972 by DeVorss Co. The earlier editions were
clothback with copyrights of 1907 and 1935.
The introduction in this book is as valuable as the chapters that follow.
Leo W. Dowling and his wife, Eva transcribed the book as given by the spirit
Levi from the Akashic Records. Leo Dowling was a student of the deeper
things of life. He became a minister and Chaplain in the U.S. Army during
the Civil War. He graduated from 2 medical schools, and after retiring from
medicine, he resumed his literary work. Leo learned much from the "World of
the Akasha".
1. He received a prophetic word about the transfer of dominion from the
Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age which is an important event in the world of
the Cheribum and Seraphin.
2. He learned that Higher Consciousness comes in 3 phases: A. Consciousness
of the Omnipotence of God and Man. B. Christ Consciousness, or
Consciousness of Divine Love. C. Consciousness of the Holy Breath or of
Supreme Intelligence.
3. He noted that the Akashic Records are Wholly in the Domain of Supreme
Intelligence. The reader must be in touch with the Holy Breath.
4. He transcribed this: "When Spirit Man has conquered every foe upon the
plane of Soul, he will unfold in the Holy Breath."
In chapter 25, verse 25 of The Aquarian Gospel, Jesus makes known the
possibilities of all Men. "O Men Arise! Be conscious of your power, for he
who wills need not remain a slave."

In 1983 I discovered, "The Keys of Enoch, The Book of Knowledge", by J.J.
Hurtak; published by The Academy for Future Science, copyrights 1977,1982
and 1987.
The truth received from Master Ophanim Enoch will assist mankind with the
Planetary Ascension Process.
Key 1-1-3 in verses 41 through 44, Enoch speaks of the Gifts of the Holy
Spirit. Verse 42, "The discernment of spirits that inhibit the people of
the planet from knowing their true identity."
Key 3-0-7 verse 93, "At this time the righteous will understand that just as
the Old Testament was the Age of the Father, the New Testament the Age of
the Son, this New Age is the Age of the Holy Spirit."
Key 3-0-9 verse 24, Enoch speaks of the Negative Brotherhoods who have
filled our area of the local universe with Non-Spiritual Truths.
Recently, J.J. Hurtak wrote a member of a local Keys Study Group. He said
the next step for the Lightworkers is to Know the Holy Spirit. As a part of
the Lightworker wakeup call, I was guided to learn more about prayer. I was
shown how to break down the scriptures, including the Lord's Prayer and the
23rd Psalm. I was shown how to use them as guides to a personal
interpretation in my own words, from my heart, for my needs. As I wrote, I
wept in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 6 vs 9-13
Heavenly Mother and Father,
Holy are your Names.
You come to manifest your Heaven on Earth.
Thank you for filling me with your love and forgiveness,
as I learn to love and forgive others.
Guide me through my mistakes and protect me from all Evil.
You are power and glory always, Amen.

You are my provider and I am full.
Thank your for this beautiful green Earth
With blue lakes of water that give me peace.
You heal my soul as you give Your Truth so I may know You.
As I walk in time of War and Evil I am not afraid
for their is no Death.
Your Son and Your Spirit are my comforters.
You prepare my path while I overcome opposition.
Your Spirit is the Oil for my mind;
My heart is Your Love overflowing.
Your Grace and Mercy are mine
and after this life I will come Home and live with you
as long as you want me. Amen

April Myrick



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